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Dance DJ Music is the new digital magazine in which you will find all the information about the best electronic music in Spain and Europe. We will publish news and novelties about DJs and electronic music festivals in Spain and Europe. Everything we publish is related to DJs, festivals or events in the field of dance electronic music.

Surely you like electronic music and dance music, maybe you spend hours with the headphones letting you carry by suggestive sounds combined in evocative rhythms or you are the ones who love to dance to are themes that raise the mood.

Either way, you may have wondered at some time what is special about the music of these genres, why they move masses of people to certain locations or reach so many levels of downloads for our players.

Why people flock to electronic music festivals

The people who go to the dance music festivals do not just to be carried away by the madness of frantic beats on an uncontrollable night of festivities. This is a topic that does not do justice neither to the artists of these genres nor to the real fans who, like you, we go to these events or we enjoy them in our day to day.

Electronic music is special because it is composed of sounds that are not natural and that can hardly be played by any ordinary instrument. The sounds are unique and the rhythms always seem to acompasarse with the heartbeat. So, whether you dance or just listen with your eyes closed or while doing another activity, the feeling you have is that your whole being vibrates to the sound of each theme.

The magic of electronic music for the listener and the artist

When you hear it, the sounds that a theme of electronic music can give you are something unusual. You can listen to combinations of sounds typical of instruments of classical music or of nature, voices, atmospheric or environmental sounds and others created in a totally unique way for each subject in question. The sensation that makes you listen to dance or electronic music is to evoke a magical world in which anything is possible.

In an electronic music festival, each of us we feel that no matter where we come from, because we all feel united by the rhythms of each theme, which pulsate our souls and bodies as if they were all the same fiber of a gigantic and powerful music orgasm.

From the artist’s point of view, the feeling of creating electronic music is indescribable. Applying a combination of musical and technological knowledge is able to create or extract the unique sounds that will combine in a completely new composition, or that can be a personal version of an already known topic of another genre. For the creator of a dance music theme is contagious to see the happiness that makes your audience feel when you click their songs and set them live.

Enjoy the best music of the Spanish Dj’s hand

Fortunately, in our country, we have some of the best representatives of both genres of electronic music. Shortly after you report, you will be able to enjoy issues that unite us in a positive energy drive.