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Abel Ramos

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Abel Ramos is an influential Spanish DJ, who was born in 1973 and was at the age of 28, specifically in 2001, when he managed to expand to almost all Europe, becoming known as one of the best DJs. His music was exported, not only to this continent, but also to different countries, including Israel, Peru, Korea and Indonesia.

Abel Ramos began his artistic career in 1996, playing in nightclubs in Madrid, songs like Attica and Over Drive – Das Spiegel, led him to be recognized among the community of DJ’s in Spain. However, in 2001, bored of playing in the same premises, decided to make a tour of Europe to try another musical style, later, in order to change their rhythm and look for new sounds, decided to leave Madrid to open to new experiences.

Abel Ramos managed to position himself in 2005 in the position number 155 of the top 250 of the English magazine DJ MAG (United Kingdom), place that was won thanks to his participation in various festivals of Europe, mainly in Holland. In the year 2006, he partnered with the label Spinnin ‘ Records, this alliance allowed him to open his way to fame in Bulgaria and Poland.

Abel Ramos continues to delight his audience, worldwide, with his great talent for blends, will soon be participating in festivals, including: Unite with Tomorrowland and Medusa Sun Beach, important events for House fans, Techno and electronic music in general.

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