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Andrés Campo

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Andrés Campo is a DJ and electronic music producer. He is of Spanish origin, specifically of Huesca, since very young he has been interested in the music and he was a driver of a radio program. He was a student of harmony and sound technician, until becoming the resident DJ of the so-called “Cathedral of Techno” (Florida 135).

Andrés Campo has recorded along with artists such as Ben Sims, Ken Ishii, Cristian Varela and his partner, belonging to Florida 135, Aitor Ronda. However, he has expressed his interest in innovating, joining forces with figures that handle other musical genres, including rock, blues and hip-hop, among others.

In addition, Andrés Campo has been awarded the Best DJ Award at the Aragonese Music Gala 2013 and nominated for the DJ Revelation in 2010 by the magazine DJ1. Coming soon, the events scheduled in your agenda will be underway in the United Kingdom, Spain and the Netherlands.

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