Ángel Molina

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Ángel Molina is an electronic music DJ from Barcelona, Spain. He has been characterized by his sound techno, house, deep house and electronic pop. He describes himself as someone who rejects the commercial and looks for a dark sound, similar to the wave of the 80. He started working in the music industry since the end of the decade of 1980; However, he claims he actually exerted since 1991, when he made his first charge.

Ángel Molina has made several presentations in different countries, including: Germany, South Africa, France and Spain. In addition, he participated in Wax sessions, where he expressed his particular style and methodical to the attendees; In addition, he has made two world tours and, in 2003, signed with the Argentine fragile label for the project “professional past.” He is currently considered one of the best Djs in Spain and is the musical advisor of the Sónar Festival.

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