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BeGun is an electronic music Dj from Barcelona, Spain. His real name is Gunsal H. Moreno and has been actively acting on the music scene since 2012. In 2013 he appeared in Shoreditch (England) to make his first live show at the club Oval Space, where he managed to sell all the tickets along with other Djs such as baths and Dirty beaches.

BeGun has been characterized by using sounds like pop, future garage, dub, bass and dubstep.  Two of his first successes were “Shanghai” and “San Franscisco“, hits that opened the doors to collaborate with artists such as Giraffage, Doc Daneeka, Com Truise and Ambassadeurs.

In addition, BeGun has made important presentations in different musical festivals, celebrated between Mexico and Spain, such as: Primavera Sound, Festival ceremony, Palfest and music Day; On the other hand, he has also attended events in countries like Costa Rica and Colombia.

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