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Dj Nano

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Interesting and inspirational, DJ Nano imposes himself in his daily life “even more harder”, playing his role 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is considered one of the musical urban heroes of our time.

The episodes of his career encompasses all the concepts and details that a complete DJ can have. A potential showman, with charisma, dedication and heart. With an overwhelming energy he puts his soul in every single show and interacts with the audience like only he knows.

Enclosures in the recording study having clear ideas about all his sounds with magical results and important records; always with ongoing projects and new ideas to express of his particular vision of the music. Promoter of brands and events, where the concept and musical themes attracts feelings that arouse the interest of thousands of followers.

The most distinguished: Oro Viejo high qualified musical product, decodes the best memories of several generations, portraits the era, the time and the place to the rhythm of the best music that will never pass away.

Remains on the Radio over 15 years, with a particular record. Nowadays is the voice and the producer of one of the most tuned shows, “BienBailao” on Maxima FM, which shows one of his greatest vocations. Meanwhile, he is carried by his nonstop daily hyperactivity which actually he doesn’t want to stop.

He lived the technological evolution of the Madrid industry, both personal and professional, from many places, but his place was definitely in the cabins and his most ambitious project was his idea most unswerving: live music, transforming this decision into something sincere and firm , ceasing to be a mere excuse for leisure time and becoming the only possible way of living. Since then the name of DJ Nano starts to appear on posters of the best events and clubs of the capital. Is this path that explains his wide vision, his way to see and feel the electronics.

DJ Nano’s discography history begins in 1999 with vinyl disks, cooperation and compilations, where working with major labels, brands and artists already was making its mark in the market. Then in 2004 the Ministry of Sound came to clame DJ Nano and record two of the most important world compiled CDs, Trance Nation, reaching the level of Ferry Corsten and Judge Jules. Hundreds of Tracks, remixes and cooperation makes DJ Nano a regular guest on the lists, radios and universal media, such is his magnitude that it led him to sign with a multinational company and be the first artist of Spanish Dance in Universal Music Spain.

During the second decade of the new century, DJ Nano significantly expanded it his area of influence, performing in all parts of the country, visiting the most prestigious clubs and festivals, becoming a regular guest in the best cabins of Ibiza and exponentially multiplying the number of performances each year.

In the last few years, DJ Nano is one of the national candidates to be established in the international market, expanding its map of actions to Europe, the Americas, North Africa and Asia, covering more than 50 international cities. At this point, DJ Nano is claimed again and again to act with artists such as Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Lenny Kravitz, David Guetta and Fatboy Slim, so his mos desired dreams are coming true. Moreover, he receives great quantity of national awards, that since 1999 are reevaluated year after year as best artist or DJ of the year for numerous publications and events.

The working experience of DJ Nano with brands is intense and extensive. the clue of such successfull cooperation is based on establishment of the relation through the programs or actions that permit obtaining the maximum benefits for both parties. Among others, he has participated in the events with such brands as Microsoft, Coca Cola, Burn, Mercedes Benz, Coronita, Carlsberg, Ron Barceló, Fanta, Casio, Cutty Sark, Native Instruments… keeping special credentials in the sponsoring market.

His constantly increasing presence in the mainstream media, newspapers and television, his nonstop hits sounds continually on radio and his totally live and direct contact with fans through social networks, makes him one of the most influential public personalities , who leads in number of followers the cast of the most important artists of the country.

DJ Nano, the most active music revolution, a the new concept of artist.

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