Dj Pepo

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Dj Pepo is a Spanish electronic music producer. His real name is José María Álvarez del Real and has been producing music since the end of the years 80. He started in renowned clubs such as Van Vas, Attica, Saratoga and New World. At first, his sounds were haunting techno, jazz, house and funky.

In 1995, Dj Pepo in partnership with the company label Explorer, creates the theme “indignant“. This experience inspired him to create together with his brother Angel ADR, two stamps that were baptized as CPU and Hunter. However, almost 10 years later it opens a third seal to which it calls “inspired records”.

Dj Pepo has great recongnition in Spain, and has also been featured in major festivals, including Aquasella and Festidance. In 2004 he released his first album, titled “Xpression“, managed to be a bestseller. Also, for Spanish music producers it has become a safe reference.

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