Fátima Hajji

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Fatima Hajji is an electronic music DJ from Salamanca (Spain). He was born in the year 1982 and has Arab origins that make his compositions evident. began in the music industry in the year 1998 and began to gain fame in his hometown (Salamanca), little by little his music was spread throughout Spain and later in Europe.

Fatima Hajji produces sounds that haunt techno, hard, tech house, among others. In addition, he is a music producer and has his own label called “Silver M“, with which he has promoted various shows in places such as Amsterdam, Ibiza and Barcelona.

On the other hand, Fatima Hajji has toured the world in great events, including Roxy in the Czech Republic, 4 Km Party Center in Bulgaria, Technomachines in Venezuela and 114 Club in Portugal; Also, the DJ has participated in various music festivals, such as: Mattrix, nerd Party, Aquasella Festival and Alcantara Mar.

(Votos: 1 Promedio: 5)

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