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John Talabot

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John Talabot is a renowned Spanish DJ, his real name is Oriol Riveroa and was born on January 8, 1982 in Barcelona. Nowadays, he is a great exponent of electronic music and the “house” genre that, since the year 2009, has been active in the music industry. His career began with the single “My Old School” and previously, was known as: D.A.R.Y.L.

His name is a pseudonym that he chose as a tribute to the place where he studied. On the other hand, the Spanish Dj jumped to fame with the success of his single “Sunshine” in 2010, in conjunction with the label Hivern discs. However, his career was consolidated when he debuted with Fin, an album produced by the record label Permanent Vacation.

John Talabot disappears frequently to devote himself to the creation phase, so it happened with his album “FIN”, recognized as one of the best electronic music albums in Spain, according to the Guardian. Likewise, in 2014 he devised an alliance with the Swedish DJ, Axel Boman, the project known as “Talaboman”, was promoted with the launching of the theme “Sidereal”.

John Talabot describes himself as a mysterious artist and away from the chambers; He says that this is due to the fear of boring the audience and their adversity to flattery, a situation he has tried to erase. However, journalists say that it is only a façade in front of its interesting personality.

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