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Oscar Mulero

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Oscar Mulero is a renowned DJ, who was born in Spain in 1971. At the end of the years 80, the teenager visited a vinyl shop to buy the album titled Standing on a Beach of the band The Cure, this was, without knowing it, the first step of Mulero to become one of the most influential DJs of the whole Iberian country. A few years later, he played in various underground spaces in Madrid, achieving his first formal work at the New World Club.

Oscar Mulero officially started his DJ career when he contributed to the creation of the Nuclear Zone, the official New World song, in the early 90 years. In the year 1996, he participated in the Sónar festival, his first big event, this led him to be recognized in most of Spain. Later, in 2000, he founded his label Warm Up and at 2004, Pole Group Records.

Oscar Mulero is considered the most important techno DJ in Spain, but it has been in a particular way, since his greatest successes have been remixes of many recognized Spanish artists and this, has obscured a little the name of Mulero; However, it remains a recognized figure throughout the European continent.

Oscar Mulero is currently performing the album called Perfect Peace, which he has qualified as, his best work in a long time. In addition, it prepares for presentations at various festivals around Spain and Europe.

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