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Reeko is an electronic music DJ and producer. Juan Rico was born in the Principality of Asturias (Spain), and began his musical career at age 17, making presentations in Asturian clubs. Reeko takes as influence and inspiration issues such as darkness and aggression, which are often explicit even in the name of their productions. His first album dates from the year 2002, together with Emergence Records, the set turned out to be a resounding success and his style was well received by the public.

Later, Reeko began to perform several productions. In the year 2003, he inaugurated mental Disorder, his own record label, taking as inspiration just the irrational fears and mental illnesses, as debut album Psychiatric Hospital, being so far his most sold production. Years later, he created the Evidence label and currently works with productions for highly recognized record companies, including: Rxxistance and Theory.

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