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Wally Lopez

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Wally Lopez is a DJ of house music who was born in 1976 in the District of San Blas (Madrid, Spain). He began his artistic career at the age of 13 as a radio driver in Spanish radio stations, including: Loca FM and Flaix FM. A few years later, he started producing his own radio show called “La Factory” at the maximum FM station.

Wally Lopez can be considered a pioneer of house music in Spain. In the year 2000 he founded his own record label Weekend Records, taking advantage of it to make mixes with world-renowned DJs, including Tiesto and David Guetta. He also participated in remixes of pop music with Miguel Bose and the ear of Van Gogh.

The successfull DJ received the Ibiza DJ Award in 2004 for the remix of Just a Little More Love, in conjunction with David Guetta. Also, throughout his career, Wally has made many launches with renowned labels. Others of his successes go beyond music, making his style a trend at the international level; In addition, it manages different fashion agencies, an example is: tremendous Shop in Madrid.

Wally Lopez materialized his latest musical work in 2016, participating in mixes and productions for Marshall Jefferson and Onur Özman; At the same time, that year concluded its last world tour, since then it has not been presented in major events. Currently, he drives a space called insomnia radioshow in Europe FM, where he stays active with 10 hours of electronic music every week.

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