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Armin Van Buuren

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Armin van Buuren “Armin Jozef Jacobus Daniël van Buuren” was born in Leiden, the Netherlands, on December 25th, 1976. Known as Armin Van Buuren, he is a Trance producer and Dj of Electronic and Dance Music. Throughout his career, he has been characterized by having a high level of perfectionism, managing to position himself in the first places of the Trance movement at world level.

We want to share this emotional video of the untold Festival 2017 in Romania, in which part of the public as Armin himself, cries excited by the rush of his music. Impressive!

Armin Van Buuren has on several occasions reached the top 100 DJs by Dj Magazine, a magazine specializing in Electronic Dance Music (EDM), consecutively in: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and then 2012. It is worth noting that he is the only Dj who has won this award four times in a row and five in total.

Simultaneously, Armin Van Buuren produces a radio program called “A State of Trance”, transmitted by ID&T since May 2, 2001. Currently, its audience is 80 million of people distributed in 26 countries, being one of the most listened to broadcasts in the world.

At 38 years, Armin Van Buuren won a nomination for the “Best Dance Record” at the 2014 Grammy Awards for “This Is what It feels Like”, a single that he recorded with Trevor Guthrie. According to the information published last November 7th, it is in third place of the Top 100 Djs, published by Dj Magazine in 2017.

Artistic career

Being the son of a passionate Christian music had a positive impact on the life of Armin Van Buuren, who was also interested in the technological advances of the time. At the age of 14, he acquired his first mixer and began producing music with his father’s synthesizer.

Very soon, Armin Van Buuren stopped making homemade tapes and dedicated himself to creating mixes of high complexity, experimenting with different sound sequences. He also influenced the French composer Jean-Michell Jarre and Ben Liebrand, who became a supportive figure during the beginnings of his artistic career.

In 1996, Armin Van Buuren played the success for the first time with the single “Blue Fear”, three years later “Communication” was popularized in Ibiza. It was then that he created Armind, his own record label in conjunction with United recording. As a backup plan, he graduated in law from Leiden University.

Outstanding Productions

In the year 2000, Armin Van Buuren compiled a mix of House and progressive trance that he baptized as “State Of Trance”, a production that sold 10000 specimens. Later, he released his second album “Basic Instinct” which included “the Song of Goodbye”, a song that managed to position itself in the first place of the Dance Club songs published by Billboard magazine.

In May 2001, Armin Van Buuren performed the first “State of Trance” program and in August launched “in Motion”. Then came “Transparence” (2002) and in 2003 had the opportunity to participate in the world Tour “Dance Revolution” (Holland) next to Dj Seth Alan Fanning, compared to 20000 Europeans.

Later, in August 2005 released “Shivers”, this production took him to the first place of the record published by DJ Magazine. In April 2008, Armin Van Buuren promoted “Imagine”, a disc that includes the participation of singers like Jacqueline Govaert de Crezipy and was placed in the first place of the list of Dutch albums.

Five months later, Armin Van Buuren’s fourth album, “Mirage”, appeared on October 20 and was announced by the Golden gnomes as the winner of the “most Popular International DJ” award. In 2015, he made a remix of the official single of “Game of Thrones” and the following year celebrated his 20 years of artistic career in Amsterdam Arena, Holland.

Tour 2018

The agenda of the renowned Dutch Dj, Armin Van Buuren, is occupied until July 22, 2018, some of the presentations scheduled so far are:

  • 09/02: Ultra Music Festival (Capetown, South africa).
  • 10/02: Ultra Music Festival (Johannesburgo, South africa).
  • 11/02: Sunflower Festival (Belo Horizonte, Brasil).
  • 12/02: Larocen (Valinhos, Brasil).
  • 13/02: Camarote (Salvador, Brasil).
  • 17/02: A State Of Trance (Utrecht, Netherlands).
  • 23/03 y 25/03: Ultra Music Festival (Miami, USA).
  • 21/04: A State Of Trance (Sydney, Australia).
  • 30/05: A State Of Trance (850 Gliwice, Polonia).
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