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Diplo, whose first name is Thomas Wesley Pentz is an electronic music Dj born November 10, 1978 in Pennsylvania (United States). He became interested in music while studying at Temple University, which led him to be recognized among his countrymen.  At the age of 21 he made his first project titled Hooked on Hollerphonix in collaboration with the artist Lowbudget, this participation allowed him to make a name among great music stars, including: Beyonce, Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, Shakira and Bruno Mars.

Diplo decided to create his record label in the year 2005, which he named Mad decent; Later, he was fascinated by knowing the most popular rhythms in the favelas of Brazil, so he made a trip to Brazil and met a funk group that he then incorporated into his label. His travels around the world have allowed him to integrate different sounds, including: reggae, hip hop, funk, electronica and dubstep.

Later, Diplo was nominated to the Grammys as “producer of the Year in non-classical music”; He has also climbed to the 25th position of the British magazine DJ magazine. He also obtained the radio Space “Diplo & Friends” on the BBC, where he presented his music. Currently, he has worked with Skrillex in projects like Jack Ü.

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