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Don Diablo

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Don Diablo is a DJ and electronic music producer. Don Pepijn Schipper was born on February 27, 1980 in Coevorden (Netherlands). Since adolescence he had a great fascination for music and, with only 15 years, he signed his first contract with a record label. His passion was not only musical composition, but also the audiovisual area has been present in his career. Consequently, it has made several short films transmitted in the channel the Box; He has also participated in the production of films performing the soundtrack.

Don Diablo has worked with renowned labels such as Spinnin Records and Sony; However, at the age of 25 he decided to create his own record label Sellout sessions. From that moment, his sound was characterized by combining rhythms like dubstep, rock, electro, break and hip hop. Also, his best collaborations have been with artists such as Diplo, Rihana, Kelis and Alex Claire. In addition, in conjunction with Dragonette, he launched “Animale”, a successful single on Youtube visits.

Don Diablo is currently living in London (UK) and inaugurated HEXAGON, another record label. In addition, he is a producer of a radio program, this shares name with his new signature; Simultaneously, he is venturing into the fashion world with his brand the Hexagon.

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