Fedde Le Grand

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Fedde le Grand is a DJ and producer born in Utrecht (Netherlands) on September 7th, 1977.

In the year 2006 he acquired world recognition with his single Put your Hands up for Detroit. From there he begins to make collaborations with other artists of which remix his subjects, such as Camille Jones, Ida Corr or Robbie Williams, and carries out tours around the world.

At the end of the summer of 2006 said single won the award for Best summer theme in Ibiza, reaching also the number one position in the official Chart of the United Kingdom. In March 2007 he made his first international tour through Indonesia, Australia/New Zealand and Miami.

In September 2009 comes to light his first studio album, which is named “Output” with which he clinches as one of the most renowned DJs of electronic music worldwide. In 2011 it reaches the 14th place of the magazine DJ magazine, currently occupying the position 39.

In 2013 he brought to light his simple “Where We Belong” in collaboration of the Dutch alternative rock group Di-Rect. This hit was ranked number 24 on the list of successes in Holland.  In 2015 he founded a new record label titled Darklight Recordings, being his first release Tales of Tomorrow, the single in collaboration with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike with the voices of British singer Julian Perretta.

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