Nina Kraviz

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Nina Kraviz is an electronic music DJ from Irkutsk (Russia). It was born under the name of Nina Kravits and unlike other artists, it did not begin from its youth to produce music; On the contrary, she studied dentistry and practiced her profession for three years. According to the DJ, his fascination with this branch of medicine was due to his interest in taking care of others. However, he was more present in the world of communications, performing radio shows and writing for a magazine.

Nina Kraviz was discovered by Matt Edwards, whom she met in the United States. For 2005, Kraviz was accepted to participate in the series of festivals of the Red Bull Music Academy, located in Seattle, events to which he could not attend for complications with the visa. His first single was made under the label B77, which belongs to Greg Wilson and was named “MySpace Rocket ft Nina Kraviz.”

In the year 2008, Nina Kraviz travels to Moscow and begins to show up at the club Propaganda clubs, where her presence becomes habitual. In addition, he has collaborated with labels such as Bpitch Control and Underground Quality; He has also played in internationally renowned electronic music festivals such as Tomorrowland or Awakenings Eindhoven. On the other hand, Kraviz created in the year 2012 its own record label, which it baptized as Trip. His style has allowed him to play in different parts of Europe, the United States and even Latin America, specifically in Mexico.

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