Amanecer Bailando

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Amanecer Bailando is a new dance music festival of only one day held in Móstoles, south of Madrid, . This is a new festival that opens in 2018 and is the succession of the 4every1 festival. This new edition will celebrate on 8th september 2018.

The Amanecer Bailando Festival will finally be held in the Prado Sheepdog de Móstoles, where great DJs like Marco Carola. In its first edition we will have a varied poster with the favorites of electronic music, but with a somewhat more underground touch than its predecessor.

In its first edition 2018 there will be veterans of techno and stars of the moment at the top of the poster. It also has a lot for fans of harder electronic music styles, plus hip hop, rap and Trap. Definitely a festival that will give a lot to talk about.

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