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Animal Sound Festival

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Animal Sound Festival in a music festival held in Murcia in the month of July dedicated to lovers of electronic and rap music. It is currently one of the most public festivals in Spain, mostly public from Great Britain. It has been held in the region of Murcia (Spain) since the year 2014 and according to its founders, its creation is due to the illusion of achieving a space that exposes the electronic genre in an “exquisite and balanced” way. So far, more than 15,000 people have attended; The event was also attended by national and international DJs and artists.

In its first editions, Animal Sound Festival was carried out in one day; However, due to the great capacity of participants and the changes in location, decided to join forces with the producer of the Weekend Beach Festival, “Hnos. Toro”, who decided to add a second day to the event, so the 15th and 16th of July of the year 2017, the event counted with the par Participation of 50 artists, including: Lara Taylor, Tony Junior and Jonas Aden.

Animal Sound Festival has currently four stages and it is expected that the 2019 edition includes a new VIP area for a price of 30 euros, as well as: snacks, discounts on the beverage bar, own entrance, wristbands, an insulated space with air conditioning and Better view on the stage. Until now, there is no date for the next event.

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