barcelona beach festival

Barcelona Beach Festival

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Barcelona Beach Festival is an electronic music festival held annually in Barcelona, Spain. Like many of the most important festivals of this genre, it is recognized worldwide. Its headquarters are Barcelona (Spain) and has been carried out since 2014. So far, it has had an attendance of approximately 40,000 people; Also, among its participants are world-class artists such as: David Guetta, Brian Cross and Steve Angello, among others.

Barcelona Beach Festival 2019 will take place in the San Adrián del Besos District, on the beach at the port of the Fòrum. Also, it is expected to extend the schedule of presentations to a total of 12 hours followed by pure music, from 4 pm until 5:30 am the following morning. This time, its promoters estimate the participation of 100,000 people; Simultaneously. In the 2018 edition the decoration was inspired by pirate boats.

On the other hand, in the edition of 2018, the organizers of Barcelona Beach Festival took advantage of the sea view and the theme selected to create a promotional video with “The Happiest man in the world”, ie, Tommy Franklin, the Australian appears simulating a Shipwreck on the way from Australia to San Adrián beach. Additionally, the mixing booth will be the treasure chest of the boat, looking to give a touch of realism to the assembly.

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