DANTZ Festival

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DANTZ Festival is the leading electronic music festival in northern Spain. Between 29 and 31 August 2019 will take place its third edition that will allow you to put your feet on the table to announce that arrives with more force than ever. This festival takes place in Tabakalera, in the Andre zigarrogileen Plaza de San Sebastián (province of Guipúzcoa), a very special place in the artistic and musical panorama of the Basque Country.

This project, which has a short life span, has managed to become a meeting point where the best of electronic music is brought together at an international level, although there are also other types of contemporary music. The aim of this festival is to highlight the value of electronic music from different points of view by promoting and experimenting with different styles and trends.

It is for this reason that it bets for the most experimental and novel music of the market but also for the most current and recognized music of the moment so that the assistants enjoy dancing during the days that the festival lasts. Innovation, culture and art go from the most local to the international level with the most interesting fusions.

For the 2019 edition, there are a multitude of confirmed names that will delight electronic music lovers. Important names such as Kastil, Harry Baden, Oscar Mulero, Esplendor Geométrico, Matías Aguayo, Jai Tiruriru, Arcanoid, Tuber, Magnolia, Gela, Anderetx or Pizky will perform on 30 August.

On August 31st the festival ends with performances by Alvva, Actriq, Max Abysmal, Carista, Mario Azurza, Bellaca B2B Joven Mata, Atodamadre or Aitor Etxebarria, among others. This is a vindictive festival in which every year people are invited to reflect on global problems and how they can be solved through music.

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