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Origen Fest

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Origen Fest is an electronic music festival held in Mallorca (Spain) in 3 days in different months and with 3 concepts: ANTS (June), Elrow (July) and origin (August). This year 2019 the festival will cellebrate its second edition, so it is a recent festival that we hope lasts many years.

This year 2019 festival will be held on: 9th june, 14th july, 18th August, 8th september. 

The festival is held in diaphanous and multifunctional space to develop large events, has its own parking and with the best connectivity: direct public transport bus and Metro, easy entry from the motorway Palma-Inca and easy access from the Center of the capital.

Origen Fest has the most acclaimed DJs of the world electronic scene and will be marked by three musical concepts: ANTS, Elrow and origin.

The birth of origin calls both residents and international visitors because of its strategic location on the most visited island of the Mediterranean.


You can buy tickets through official website: http://origenfest.com/entradas/

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