Awakenings Eindhoven

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Awakenings Eindhoven is an electronic music festival sponsored by a brand of the same name. It is held on the last Saturday in January and has been performing since the year 2014. This event takes place in Eindhoven (Netherlands), specifically in the Klokgebouw building. Generally, the spaces used for this festival that increasingly gain more followers, are buildings that were built in the decade of 1930, with the purpose of developing electronic devices of awakenings.

However, the Klokgebouw in its beginnings was a water tower for the area, but now it is a winery that provides its spaces to perform large-scale events, and can have a capacity of up to nine thousand people. On the other hand, Awakenings Eindhoven presents as the main attraction of its three scenarios to internationally renowned DJs such as Nina Kraviz, Tim Wolff, Charlotte de Witte, Ricardo Villalobos and Miss instrument reference, who present their assistants genres that They include techno, house, trance and dubstep.

Awakenings Eindhoven has a duration of at least ten hours, and only older people can enter with their identity card. On the other hand, those who pay a little more of the general price, can buy a locker to store their belongings, this will have an electronic code to avoid loss of keys, the service has a cost of seven euros or, in case you want a bigger one , nine euros. To date, there is no information about the date of the next event, nor the artists invited to the scene.

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