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Mysteryland is an electronic music festival held in August on the outskirts of Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. He was born in 1993 and was the first in the world to present a varied poster with all styles of electronic music. Its organizers have named it the oldest Dance music festival in the Netherlands. The 2018 edition will be held between August 24th and 26th.

The Mysteryland Festival is considered one of the most important festivals in the world and hosts every year the best DJs in the world. With 17 scenarios ranging from intimate places to silent discs, through the impressive main scenarios. Major international stars of the EDM take the central stage, while the artists underground, house and techno go up in the other scenarios.


Chile: Since 2011 the festival is also carried out in Chile, this being the first time it was held outside the Netherlands. The Chilean version takes place in December and is currently going through its Octaba edition.

USA: From the year 2014 the first American edition of Mysteryland was held at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, the site where the Woodstock festival took place 1969.

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